Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So, this is what we were doing this last week. I skipped town and went back to San Luis Obispo to see my husband and we went dirt bike riding on both of his days off last week. We had so much fun! This is a picture from Sunday. They put on a dirt bike race at the local dirt bike hangout in Pozo. This was basically a "Do Over" race from the race that they told half the people there wasn't going to be a hang over harescramble race on New Year's Day like usual. So, some of the half that were told it was canceled showed up anyway just to go riding and were a little peeved because they were going to have a race so they put on another race this last weekend. This was the first time my husband got to race it! He had a blast! I was his pit crew! They rode for 2 straight hours and most went 5 to 7 laps. Each lap took about 20-30 minutes long. It was perfect out there for riding! Now back to homesteading. Just had to share! Posted by Hello

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