Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tomatoes and Dragon Flies

The other day I decided I needed to get on top of the seed collecting for the tomatoes. So, I started bagging blossoms on each plant.
After bagging I will wait until the fruit appears and take the bag off and mark the branch. When those tomatoes are ripe I will collect the seeds from them and they should be 100% true to type. I just love collecting seeds. :D

It's been really cool the last few days. The dragon flies have been flying around like crazy. Tons of them. They are really neat to watch.

Corn and Flowers

Corn, yummy corn. That top one had a couple little ones growing on it. We've been eating corn all week long.
My favorite flowers of all time. Rudbeckia (a.k.a. black eyed susans). They are so pretty.

All the flowers that I picked. Sunflowers, bells of ireland, several colors of cosmos, snapdragons, and zinnia's. I love having fresh cut flowers around.

My Job Next Door

This is the first picture I took on June 6th.
This is the second one I took on June 25th. I need to take another. The garden is definately a lot fuller than that now.