Saturday, November 20, 2004

So as of late we have been finishing the goats shelter, planting the pasture, and tilling up the garden area trying to get rid of the star thistle. Lots of tractor time, I love driving the tractor : ) We are also designing and getting ready to build the chicken coop and goose pen combo. The geese will be on the bottom floor and the chickens will be on the top. I think the geese would be happier if we could pen them next to the pond, but it's probably not as safe as the fences and electric fencing is not all up, or fencing that could keep varmints out is not up. So, that is what is going on I will post new pictures of the homestead next weekend when I get the camera back. : ) Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Funny picture of Sig sleeping next to her daddy. She loves him. ; ) Posted by Hello

Here is Sarah, the one who took the adventure down in the creek. Probably found a critter and tried to get it. Maybe frogs? Not sure, but Sarah wouldn't have followed the puppy so I think it was all Sarah's idea and Shelby joined in the fun. : ) Posted by Hello

Here is a couple of pictures of Sarah and Shelby having a muddy adventure down in the creek. We have gotten a temporary shelter for the goats hay and have the goats up here. 4 Toggs and a Togg/Saanen mix. My husband has the camera and I won't see him for another week and a half so I will take lots of pictures then. Posted by Hello

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted anything. Have not been using the camera like I should. Basically just moving my parents up here so they can sell thier place get settled up here and then they will build thier house on the property.
This is a picture of Olivia, she looks so much like Roger's old cat Cathy. What a princess. We used to call Cathy the Queen, so I think princess fits her nicely. Posted by Hello