Sunday, April 23, 2006

If you would like to see pics of baby James go to

More baby goats

Jessica our other Togg dairy goat who was pregnant had her babies yesterday. Two little white bucks who look just like Sophie. Except these guys have wattles on thier neck like mama. I was hoping someone would have babies with wattles. So cute.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Planting Party Update

So, we thought we'd be able to be ready for the 3rd weekend in April to plant. Ha! The weather showed us I tell ya. So, I'm thinking early May sometime. I guess I can hope. I just ordered and recieved all my seeds for planting this year. I just wish I had some help starting some seeds then maybe I could get a little ahead. I just need someone to fill up my pony packs with compost ; ) Maybe I can get Rog to do it on Monday or Tuesday if the baby hasn't come yet. I feel like the little guy could stay in there for awhile. : ) Baby is enjoying it's swimming pool I guess.

Hope we get some more Spring weather like were having today soon. I can do with a little break from the rain and clouds every few days. It does look like it will clear up hopefully by Tuesday for awhile. Yeah!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sophie and Mama

Sophie is getting so big!

Proud Papa!

Here's daddy just hanging out with everyone else since it's a such a nice non-rainy day to do so.
Here is another picture of them. Just click on the picture and you can see it better. Jasmine is in front just relaxing since it's such a nice day compared to all the rainy days we've seen.

My Angora Mama's and Thier Babies

If this is too small click on it and it will show you a bigger one. It was hard to get any closer without them all moving. These are my Angora mama's and thier sweet little ones. They love being out together again. Minna is a good mama, but baby keeps trying to nurse on the dog every once in a while since the dog started cleaning baby off before mom had the chance when he was born. ;) Can't beat feeling like you have two moms though. Even if one is a dog.