Monday, May 16, 2005

And Tobias! He is my buck that I'm going to pick up the first weekend in June. He's about the same age as Minna. Here he is pictured with his mama. Ain't she a pretty mama? His dad is a black buck and his sister is also black, so I'm hoping to get a couple black kids out of him. He is red in color also. Posted by Hello

Here is another picture of Minna and Krystal. They are still a little shy. They both finally ate some grain out of my hand today.  Posted by Hello

A close-up of Krystal. She is a two year old doe. She had twins this year. She is a deeper color red. Posted by Hello

This is a close-up of Minna. She was born on Jan. 28. She is a light red color. Isn't she a cutie. Posted by Hello

So, guess what? I bought two Angora Goats this last weekend. Yeah! I've been wanting to get some since we moved and have been researching them since I graduated. So, you could say this has been a long time coming. Posted by Hello

Dead Rat! Oh no, that's just Sammy the ferret taking a nap with all fours up on a warm day. Silly boy. I don't think I've introduced them on my blog before. We have two ferrets. Sammy and Hobbs. Posted by Hello

Ok, So this is where I was couple of weekends ago. I was at my friend Arleen's graduation. Yeah she graduated! From Exotic Animal Training Management school down in Moorpark CA. This is where a lot of people go to school to train animals for the movies and such. Some of the animals thier have been in movies as well. Also, for getting ready to work at a zoo and do shows with the animals. Arleen is going to stay domestic though she will hopefully get a job training dogs for the blind or handicapped. This is her with Legend the Arctic Wolf.  Posted by Hello

This is Arleen and a Kuoti (It's pronounced coo-ah-ti). I think I spelled that wrong, but I think it's related to the raccoon. Posted by Hello

This is Arleen and a Cervil she trained. Very pretty kitty. Posted by Hello

This is Hudson the beaver. He is a fat beaver. She was so excited when she was picked to train this big guy. Posted by Hello

Here is my friend Arleen with a macaw she helped train this year. I can't remember it's name though. Posted by Hello

This is Sahara the Camel. Isn't he cute, he's still a baby. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Here is my potato patch that I made with hay. The potato plants in the middle are finally making thier way out. Were going to have lots of potatoes. : ) Roger will be happy. Posted by Hello

Here is my smaller patch. Posted by Hello

My potato patches are growing like crazy! Posted by Hello