Monday, February 21, 2005

Help! I need to figure out a business name in a week

Hello Family and Friends,
I need some help I need to get my business name for my farm so that I can put my application in to sell at Farmer's market. In the next week no doubt.
I am listing some names we've come up with, but I need some fresh minds. Any new name or any contribution to a name I've listed is welcome and appreciated. Also list your favorites in your reply message. I will need three names to apply for a name in case the first are already taken. I need some creative thinkers!
There are some rules though. Can't have organic in the name until I get certified organic. I'm trying to keep it short and sweet. Names we've thought of listed below. You've got until March 1st to send in all contributions. I will post the 3 final names on March 2nd.
Thanks, Cathy Steck

A Little of Everything Farm

A Little of Everything Produce and Free-Range Farm
Steck Family Farm
Steck Sustainable Farming
Steck Sustainable Agriculture
Steck Family Sustainable Farming
Steck Farm
The Family Farm
Big Oak Valley Family Farm
Cathy's Family Farm
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Monday, February 14, 2005

Sorry no pics for a couple weeks

Well, I was going to put more pictures up of the fruit trees and the garden fenced in, but my husband took the camera back with him. He still hasn't moved up here yet, but will be hopefully by the middle of March. (Yeah!). Anyways, he wanted to use it and because he bought me a brand new ranch quad I wasn't going to complain. ; )
My little chickies are getting big and so are my little plants that I started in the house. : ) It's been a little wet lately and will be for the next week. It was definately a bummer to have to take my recycling to it's drop off point 2.5 miles away on a muddy rutted dirt road on the quad. because it would take twice as long in the truck. Roger said he would take that duty over when he moved up, because he thought it sounded like fun. ; p
I will get more pictures up as soon as I get the camera back. : )

Friday, February 04, 2005

We did put all our fruit trees in a couple days ago. Will try to get pictures up in a couple days. We put in 2 peaches, 2 apricots, 2 apples, 4 plums, 1 persimmon, 2 pomegranate, and 3 kiwi. I also got all my seeds started that I could inside and out and even in the fridge (those silly Bells of Ireland) for the garden. We are going to have 6 different types of melons and 13 different varieties of tomatoes. I'm sure if you come visit us in the summer you'll go home with armfuls of fresh produce. ; ) Oh, I also forgot to add about the chicks, our cat Olivia (the little princess) thinks those chicks are some how going to come out so she can eat them. She spends all day out there next to the brooder where the chicks are and everytime I go out there to check them she is out there rubbing against me asking me to give her one. Silly cat, just wait til they get the size of the ones in the yard she won't have a chance. I will have to be careful with having my hens hatch out thier own broods, she just might sneek a snack. Posted by Hello

I bought 20 blue cochins straight run (which means it's a mix of male and female) and 5 white pullets (female chickens under 1 year). They are so much fun! They will look like my other fluffy chickens only blue. Yeah! Posted by Hello

Lots of poopy butts though. Slowly, but surely those are clearing up too! Posted by Hello

My baby chickies have arrived. I picked them up on Monday at 7:30 am. Aren't they so cute? Started with 25 and am down to 24. That's pretty good I think. Posted by Hello