Monday, February 14, 2005

Sorry no pics for a couple weeks

Well, I was going to put more pictures up of the fruit trees and the garden fenced in, but my husband took the camera back with him. He still hasn't moved up here yet, but will be hopefully by the middle of March. (Yeah!). Anyways, he wanted to use it and because he bought me a brand new ranch quad I wasn't going to complain. ; )
My little chickies are getting big and so are my little plants that I started in the house. : ) It's been a little wet lately and will be for the next week. It was definately a bummer to have to take my recycling to it's drop off point 2.5 miles away on a muddy rutted dirt road on the quad. because it would take twice as long in the truck. Roger said he would take that duty over when he moved up, because he thought it sounded like fun. ; p
I will get more pictures up as soon as I get the camera back. : )


Susan said...

Men dig that kind of thing, it's true! We bought a massive ATV several months ago and I JUST learned how to operate it the weekend before last! I just like to walk and had no interest in learning, but it was important to hubby, so off I went, across the pasture at 4 miles per hour. LOL
Oh well, at least I know how to use it if I ever need to.
On the other hand, hubby uses it for lots of things. Checking the mail, transporting big bags of animal feed, moving hay..well, just pretty much any excuse to go buzz around on the ATV.


Mary said...

We're sort of in the same boat!!! We're living in a house on 3 acres with goats and chickens waiting until closing day on our dream place. :) Only 40 days left! :)

I'll definitely be keeping up with your adventures!

Cathy said...

Susan, I don't mind using the ATV, it's just when I have to use it in the rain putting the recycling out. ; ) I've ridden dirt bikes for the last 5 years, but ATV's definately drive different. Men and dirt go hand in hand I guess.

Mary, that's great, I'm sure you'll have many adventures of you own on your new place. I wilsh you luck and a whole lot of fun! Thanks for checking out my blog.