Wednesday, December 29, 2004

So, we did till the two acres for the garden up. We are waiting until it warms up to put fava beans in to get some good green fertilizer in the soil, we will till these under as well. We are saving some of the area to plant things for this year's harvest. In the next couple days I want to put some potatoes and onions in. The garlic is already in and growing especially with this last rain. We also burned one of our five or six burn piles two days ago, but now that it has rained we can't burn much. Oh well, we needed the rain since it has been pretty dry the last month. Posted by Hello

Here is another mama! Posted by Hello

Here is Holly's mom. Posted by Hello

I can't remember any of the babies names she told me except for this little girl who was born on Christmas day named "Holly." Ain't she a cutey! Posted by Hello

She looks like cinnamon! Posted by Hello

Here's some more babies. She usually keeps all the girls and sells the boys for meat, and guess what she got? All girls. Well, one boy, but she had all ready promised a boy to someone for a pet, so basically all girls, well I guess more mom's to make more boys. : ) Posted by Hello

Three of neighbor's goats had kids this last week. This is my neighbor Camie and one of her babies. Aren't they cute! Posted by Hello

Friday, December 10, 2004

Here is the floor to the goose pen. The goats liked going in there until we kicked them out and put a door on. Silly goats : ) Posted by Hello

Here is the goose entrance side. Posted by Hello

Here is the inside where the roosts are. It came out pretty nice. We just need to put a ramp up to the door so they can get in and out. We'll have to make the ramp removable so that we can clean out the goose pen below easily. We have a week to do that after my dad's birds are put in there so they know where home is.  Posted by Hello

So, here is the finished chicken coop. This is the chickens side, with the goose clean-up door underneath. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Here is a picture of Olivia and I. Almost the same color hair. ; ) Posted by Hello
Sorry I didn't get the North side of the house I forgot. I will try to remember tomorrow or Thursday if it isn't raining. : ) Enjoy! Posted by Hello

Here is the front view from the front porch. Pretty huh? Posted by Hello

Here is a better view of the front porch and the front door and laundry room door. Posted by Hello

Here is the front of the house. Yeah, and my unfinished aviary too. I know, I know. It has been way too cold for my birds to be out there though. Posted by Hello

Here is the South side of the house. Posted by Hello

Ok, here you go Susan. My friend Susan wanted to see pictures of the house. Here are pictures of the outside. In a couple days I will get pictures of the inside. here is the back of the house. Posted by Hello

This is Casey. She was my sister's first goat when we were in 4-H. She is Jasper's mom. She is 14. She is on the rock only because she gets a better view of the buck next door from that height. She and Jasmine have been in heat for the last two days. Jessica has been trying to substitute as a buck and driving everyone crazy. Posted by Hello

This is honeydew. She is 10, she is also a sister to Jasmine and Jessica. Posted by Hello

Jasmine on the left and Jessica on the right. They are sisters born on the same day. They are also 9. Posted by Hello

This is Jasper. He is 9 yrs old. Posted by Hello

And here are my dad's goats. Aren't they cute? Posted by Hello

The chickens happy as can be. : ) Posted by Hello

Here is a view of all the structures. From right to left the make-shift chicken pen, the goat shed, and the new chicken pen. Posted by Hello

Here is our make-shift feed shed, work shop thingy until we build a barn and a garage. It works just fine for now. Oh, and we have been using the step stool my mom just bought for in the kitchen as a ladder (Shhhhhhh!). ; ) Posted by Hello