Friday, December 10, 2004

Here is the floor to the goose pen. The goats liked going in there until we kicked them out and put a door on. Silly goats : ) Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hey Cathy, Dave here (in Scotts Valley).

Your place is comning along nicely. I am very impressed.
Actually Jealous might be the right word. You and Roger appear to be having a blast. I wish you luck and Merry Christmas!

Grampa Phil said...

Nice work Cathy. You are really very talented with tools. Wish I was that good. Dad #2.

Mal said...

Hi Cathy,

I love the look of your new homestead. No wonder the critters love it there. I can just see Roger laying in a hammock under a big oak tree someday. If that pond is on your property, make sure you guys stock it with some trout... Maybe I can get down to visit soon.


Cathy said...

Thanks guys, I will be putting more pictures up soon, I need to get the camera out. It's been raining so we've been stuck inside, but more pics soon!