Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm getting close to getting the front of my quilt all pieced together, Yeah! I't's going to be really nice and huge. It's a king size for our bed. I better get sewing!
Here is a close-up. Sorry it's upside down, but you get the point.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Beautiful Winter Walk on the Homestead

Today was a beautiful winter day, so we took advantage of it and went for a walk. So nice.

I can't believe how big the pond has gotten since we had all that rain. It's amazing.
We even got to see the cows next door. They are in the background on the left. Finally the dogs don't bark at them anymore.
Even Bigfoot the kitty took a walk with us on such a beautiful winter day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Saving the Fish!

This what was left of our pond down in the goat pen. A big puddle. This was the middle of November and we hadn't gotten any rain yet. We knew there were fish in there.
So, we decided to fish them out and put them in the big pond. We made our own net thanks to my mom and her lingerie bag. ; ) This is my dad fishing them out.

Fishing the fish out of the pond adventure continues

Here I am sorting the fish and creatures of the pond out of the muck and putting them in fresh water to take to the big pond. You can see mud doesn't bother me. Can't wait til our child gets to play in the mud. Hehe!
Here I am taking more fish and things out of the net.
Here we are down at the big pond sorting fish and many bullfrog polly wogs and a couple of crawdads. Those pollywogs are slippery little fellas. We put them in fresh water so we could see them swim away in the big pond.
Here is another picture of us sorting the fish and things out of the muck into a cleaner bucket.

Releasing the Fish!

Here is my dad releasing the fish, pollywogs, and crawdads into the big pond. It's amazing how big that pond is. I think Sig was trying to help too. We rescued about 180 fish, including bass and some blue gill and probably about 100 pollywogs and maybe 10-15 crawdads. What a success. When we initially released them some of the fish were in shock or we thought were dead, but when we came back in a couple hours they were all gone so I figure they all survived and swam away. Now the pond is very muddy because of all the rain we had. Between rains we try to feed them when it isn't too muddy and now that it has rained so much the other pond has filled up and over flowed atleast once. During the summer the little pond will be full of fish again so we might have to do this again next year.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Free Roosters Need Good Homes

Free Roosters to Good Homes. I just have too many. They are Blue Standard Cochins. Very sweet boys. They wouldn't hurt a fly (ok, maybe a fly), but are very docile towards humans. If you know anyone let me know, if you need hens I can sell a couple of them also. I have blue hens that can go with them.

Pregnant Mama Goat

This is Honeydew who is due in late February. She is already huge. She had a big barrel to start out with, but now that she is pregnant she is huge. Were thinking atleast 3 if not 4. She had 3 last time she was bred. If I can get close enough to Krystal I will try to take a picture of her too. She is getting pretty big and is due right after Honey is.