Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Root Cellar pics

Here is the root cellar my dad is building. It will be nice to store things in.

Drainage pipe.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Pictures of the Farm My Brother and His Wife Took

Very nice pic on a very beautiful day.
The newest arrivals. Sophies youngest kids.
Laura and the goose. He wouldn't let Dave near his own wife. I think he was trying to get her into his harem. ;-)

Marley and Maddie (good protector that she is)
Jasper trying to inspect what is going on. He likes to make sure everything is in check. Rest in Peace Jasper. You were loved by many. A good goat.
That goose sure does like his new mate to be (or so he thinks).
Half brothers. Pilgrim on the left has a Togg mommy and sired by an Angora (Tobias). Marley on the right he is full Angora.
Miss Sig, watcher of all things chicken. If only someone would just pin one down for her. I thinks its her only wish in life. Good thing they are bigger than her.
The oh so loyal and protective Miss Maddie.
The Guinea's
#4. yes, that's his name. He is the outcast since the other male has deemed the two female's his. I'm sure he'll get girls of his own when the other three mate and hatch out some keets.
Sophie's kids.
Daisy's kids from last year.
Sophie and her buck kid.
The oak tree out front of the house.

More Pics

Honda kitty. The huntress. Hunter of all things rodent and lizard like.
Proud mister rooster.
Mrs. Hen