Thursday, January 27, 2005

What you lookin' at? Posted by Hello

Silly animals! Posted by Hello

Olivia and Shelby looking at the cows across the field. Aren't they so cute! ; ) Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sarah's pooped, she says too much walking around for her. Time for her to go in and take a nap. : ) Posted by Hello

Uh Oh.... Looks like a varmint is getting into our pigeon feed that we feed to the wild birds. Time for Olivia to spend a little time under the house. Hopefully she will catch it! Posted by Hello

Oh, and the potato's at the end of the garlic rows. Were also going to do some potato's in hay. We'll see which produces more. Posted by Hello

Above where those last pictures of the garden area were taken is my rows of garlic I put in November. Oh, and Shelley had to get in the picture too. : ) Posted by Hello

Here is the right side of the garden area. We will put a line of about 20 fruit trees along that fence line, once we get the fence in that is. Posted by Hello

This is our 2 acre garden area. This is the most exciting area for me. Hopefully 1/3 of it will have lots of flowers for cutting and vegetables soon. We will use the whole area next year, but we need to put fava beans in and turn them under to put some green compost in first. All the flowers and extra veggies I will sell at Farmer's Market. Posted by Hello

This is the creek in the goats pen. At the time being we can't get the tractor to the other side so we are going to build a dam so the tractor can go to the other side and make a pond for the geese. We will put an overflow so that it is still constantly running. The geese really need something to swim in. Posted by Hello

What happy free range birds we have! : ) Posted by Hello

Here are our geese. All female's. Minnie is on the right. The other's don't have names. :( We'll have to do something about that. Posted by Hello

Here is a picture of my dad's chickens and my rooster. He has all americana's which lay the different color eggs. Posted by Hello

Oh, and look a green a egg. What a good chicken. Who knows where the other chicken started laying her eggs since my dad accidentally scared her off the nest. Posted by Hello

So far, we made much needed nest boxes to put in the hen house. Posted by Hello

This is what it has been looking like lately. Big ol soupy mess. If you look closely you can see the big blue herrin in the middle strutting around. He was huge. Posted by Hello

So, I know it's been awhile since I posted, but I'm back and I have lots to share. This is me tring to take a picture of snow falling in Grass Valley. You can kinda sorta see a couple flakes. ; ) Posted by Hello