Thursday, October 28, 2004

And the pretty little hens. My husband named them "Salt and Pepa"! Haha! So, I got Mr. T and Salt and Pepa! We did have some excitement today though one of the guineas across the street was crossing the street into our property and didn't make it. We think a lot of hawks were driven out of the fire areas around us into our area. One got a guinea. Bummer dude. My chickens were hiding in the goat shed. Good Rooster! Posted by Hello

I finally found my cochin chickens. My father-in-law named the rooster "Mr. T." My husband actually met the real Mr T a couple weeks ago. Pretty cool! By the way Mr. T was my first crush when I was a little kid! Too funny! Posted by Hello

So, I met my husband in Visalia at his mom's and he brought me these! Posted by Hello

Friday, October 22, 2004

Here is hopefully what I'm going to bring home this weekend, but the colors I'm getting will be a black cockeral (under one year) and two pullets (hen under a year) one black and one white. As long as someone else doesn't come along and buy them first. Hope my friend in San Luis gets there first. : ) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Oh, almost gets her, but takes over the scratcher! Posted by Hello

Honda realizes what happens and goes for the attack. Catnip induced attack! Don't worry they would never hurt each other I think Bigfoot's got too many toes and I think he missed both times. All in fun. Posted by Hello

Oh, wait a minute, Bigfoot wasn't being a gentleman he was waiting for a break for it! He gets a good scratch in too. Posted by Hello

Uh ohh, here comes trouble with a capital O. Posted by Hello

Ahhhhh...... This is the cat's life. A little bit of catnip now and then. Oh, wait a minute Olivia is trying to come in and snatch it on the backside. Bigfoot is still waiting his turn. How nice of a gentleman. While the dogs gather around for some fun. Posted by Hello

Hmmmm..... still waiting our turn. Honda is a major hog when it comes to catnip scratcher's. She's especially fond of organic catnip. Posted by Hello

So, now we wait in line. Honda hogs it all while Olivia pushes into second in line then Bigfoot. Let see what happens. Posted by Hello

So, tonights entertainment was bringing home the cat scratcher plus! Honda the siamese tried to even get into it before I opened it and took the catnip out of the bag. She could smell it.  Posted by Hello

Monday, October 18, 2004

So far this fall and winter before spring we need to get the irrigation to the pasture in, fence the area where the 2 acre garden will be, build a barn and a garage, put all the fencing in around the perimeter of the property, pasture fencing in, re-seed the pasture, build a chicken pen. Some of these things we need to get done before Thanksgiving. Hopefully it won't rain too much we need to definately have the garage in before Thanksgiving to put tools and equipment in. Lots to do! Lots of adventures! Posted by Hello

Here is a view of the two gates on the front of the dog pen so we can easily get to the side of the house or air conditioner units if we need to. On the right is the deck from here where we will put a ramp from the deck. I'll take another picture tomorrow to give more of a visual. Then we will put a dog door in and another gate on the deck. Posted by Hello

Here is a front view of the side of the house where the dog pen is. Posted by Hello

Here is the fencing on the side of the house where the brick wall is.  Posted by Hello

Here is the fence we put in to keep the dogs away from the house so there are no puppy chew marks on the house or the air conditioner units. : ) Posted by Hello

Here is the gate on the backside of the dog pen finished! Posted by Hello

What kind of bug is this? It was huge. It didn't like me getting too close either, but really neat bug on the porch. Posted by Hello

Kitten and puppy watching the birds outside. They are two peas in a pod. Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 09, 2004

And the dogs of course in their new pen. Posted by Hello

Here is the gate and the pen from the front side of the house. So, the dog pen is on the left side and part of the back of the house. We will also put a gate in on the other side when we finish the pen. Posted by Hello

Another Posted by Hello

Another view of the dog pen next to the goat pen. Posted by Hello

So far we got most of the dog pen in. The outside fencing is in, but we still need to do the fencing around the house to keep the dogs away from the house. Don't want any chew marks on the corners. : ) Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Lots of oaks here! Posted by Hello