Monday, October 04, 2004

The Critters Love it Here!

So far the dogs love it here! They get to spread out in 2600 sq. feet in the house and then an acre and a quarter outside in the goat pen (well for now until their dog pen is finished, but still lots of room). We'll see how it goes when it rains. That red dirt will be everywhere. The cats are still getting used to the fact that they need to stay inside atleast until Friday or Saturday of this week, they hate using litter boxes. They like going potty outside and leaving it outside. Baby kitty Olivia likes it the best because she really doesn't care at this point whether she is in or out. She's been hanging out with the dogs on the floor. Now that we know Oliver is Olivia we are treating her more like a girl. We really thought she was a rough and tumble boy. Now I understand why she doesn't like to play with the puppy so rough anymore. I will post more pictures now that I have an easier way to transfer them from my camera.

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