Friday, March 31, 2006

Isn't he cute?

Proud mama. She wasn't sure what to do at first, but was very good at holding still and letting him nurse. We were hoping she wouldn't come in to heat this year, but she only had one small baby. I'm thinking about keeping him over Krystals boy for using his fiber since he is brown and not a red like the others and Minna seems to have a really nice ringlets so hopefully she passed that on to him.

Here's the new baby. He was born yesterday morning. He was our wake-up call at 7am. We put a shirt on him because he was shivering a little bit. He is more brown then the other two Krystal had. They are more red like her. Well, I didn't get my black one yet. Will have to wait. Somebody will give me my black baby boy someday. That is one color I would really like to have.

New pic of Sophie. She is one month old and a whole lot of fun. She's getting big.

Friday, March 03, 2006

New baby Angora's are here!

New baby Angora's came one day after the first goat kidded. Yeah! Except that it was a nice day and I didn't think she was going to have them that day and let them all out to the pasture to graze. That was a bad idea! She had them under a pine tree out in the pasture. It all worked out though so that was good. Everybody seems to be just fine. We have a boy and girl dark reddish brown pure bred Angora's. So cute! Thinking about keeping the boy if he stays dark and have him as a fiber goat.

The little girl. The little boy.

More pictures. Aren't they cute!

More Sophie Pictures

She was trying to stick her head through to see the other babies. She is so ready to play with them. Maybe after these storms pass over this next week.