Thursday, April 13, 2006

Planting Party Update

So, we thought we'd be able to be ready for the 3rd weekend in April to plant. Ha! The weather showed us I tell ya. So, I'm thinking early May sometime. I guess I can hope. I just ordered and recieved all my seeds for planting this year. I just wish I had some help starting some seeds then maybe I could get a little ahead. I just need someone to fill up my pony packs with compost ; ) Maybe I can get Rog to do it on Monday or Tuesday if the baby hasn't come yet. I feel like the little guy could stay in there for awhile. : ) Baby is enjoying it's swimming pool I guess.

Hope we get some more Spring weather like were having today soon. I can do with a little break from the rain and clouds every few days. It does look like it will clear up hopefully by Tuesday for awhile. Yeah!

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