Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tomatoes and Dragon Flies

The other day I decided I needed to get on top of the seed collecting for the tomatoes. So, I started bagging blossoms on each plant.
After bagging I will wait until the fruit appears and take the bag off and mark the branch. When those tomatoes are ripe I will collect the seeds from them and they should be 100% true to type. I just love collecting seeds. :D

It's been really cool the last few days. The dragon flies have been flying around like crazy. Tons of them. They are really neat to watch.


Bill Bird said...

I wonder what happened to you Kathy. Not a post since last July. You've been a garden blogger for a long time it appears. And then -- suddenly -- POOF! You're gone. I hope that life is treating you well.

Cathy said...

Yeah, life has been crazy since July. Met the man I'm going to marry that month, taking care of my four year old, my mom and dad were both ill and helping out with them, I moved to MI, my mom passed, I moved back in December, among a few other things. I am happy to say I am doing well and looking forward to my future as a farmer.
I've posted more on my facebook page because it seemed to take so long to post here (you can find me under Cathy Carson, if you go there). After the wedding I was planning on getting back into posting and such. I have quite a few pictures I can post since last July.
Thanks for your concern. :)