Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Finalists for Farm Name

Big Oak Valley Farm
Big Oak Farm
Cathy's Family Farm

Let me tell you why I picked what I did. First, the valley we live in is called "Big Oak Valley" and most people know where that is located. So, they know where there produce is coming from. I also wanted to have some form of my name in my farm name because then people remembered who I was by name. The reason I didn't use my last name was because my parents live here also so it really isn't just my farm. So, this is why I picked what I did. Let me know what you think. To send me an e-mail click on "View my Complete Profile" under my picture on the right and then click on cuteredhen under "Contact."

I will have to have a slogan too and here are what I could come up with and some people sent me:

"All Homegrown Produce and More"

"Ye Old Homestead Stuff"

"Only the Freshest from our farm to your table"

"The Best of Fresh & Free Range"

"Pampered Veggies & Free Range Chickens"

"Specializing in Fresh Produce and Happy Hens"

"Fresh Produce and Happy Hens"

Any other suggestions would be welcome and much appreciated. ; )

Thanks, Cathy


Manda said...

Cathy's Big Oak Valley Farm: Specializing in Fresh Produce and Happy Hens.

There's my vote. I love farms and ranches with creative names. My uncle owns the Taylorosa Ranch. Everyone first rolls their eyes but then says they love it. Hehe.

Mary said...

Just for the record, I am *so* not a fan of "Ye olde..." anything. I hate that! And you might have some folks thinking it's a tad corny.

The others I like! Since your parents live there too, what about something "heritage"...

Steck Heritage Farm at Big Oak Valley. :) A tad long.

"The other Red Hen" said...

"Fresh Produce and Happy Hens"- short and to the point, catchy. Whatever will draw peoples attention or get stuck in there heads. Give Casie and the other goats a "pet" for me. Love Amy

Rurality said...

I like "Cathy's Family Farm"!

Meg said...

As for the slogan, I really like the two that mention free range. That would make me want to buy from you rather than the next farm down the road.

BTW, I just started reading your blog. Think I go the link from Hemlock Hollow. We're hoping to do the goat thing one day, so I'm looking forward to posts on that. TTFN!