Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Other Job. LOL!

So, this is my other project. Putting in the garden for the neighbors. It won't be too bad once I get the watering on timers. Then I will only be planting every two weeks and weeding every week. Going to get irrigation in on Monday. I'm just glad Dale (the ranch manager) tilled, rowed and put a 1/3rd of the compost in. Whew! Atleast I have the little john deere to help me bring in the compost. Bringing my dad's tractor over there and hooking up the auger and put in holes for the tomato amenities like I did for mine. Won't be so bad after everything is put in. ;-) Oh, and kept myself entertained by listening to car talk and wait, wait, don't tell me on NPR. :-D

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Sam said...

wow, that looks like a big project!