Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our front Yard

My mint plants. Peppermint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint, and apple mint. I love mint. A rosh bush and my chicken garden ornament. I made Rog get that for me when we didn't have chickens. LOL!
My moms rose bush and the hollyhocks behind it. The hollyhocks keep overwintering, but they don't look so good this year.
One of my wine barrel planters with ornamental chili's, geranium, marigold, and Zinnia.
Much of the same in the second barrel plus James' arm. I kinda just threw them in there together since I had all these plants and had to put them somewhere.


Anonymous said...

greetings fellow poultry-talker. i read your comment to brians' statement about roosters and impressed that you can speak up so tactfully. way to go. had to email you about a polish rooster i rehabbed last year. the man who sold him warned us that he was aggressive. the rooster terrorized his wife so that she wouldn't go outside -even to get to her car - unless hubby was with her to fend off the roo! and he was aggressive! after a week or so acclimation, i let him and the hen out of the chicken tractor and wow - he came at me with both feet and beak. oh, we named them elvis and priscilla because of his resemblance to the older elvis pressley with hair/feathers hanging over his face. anyway, elvis would go out of his way to charge us. i noticed that if we put a leg out to fend him off he just got more intent on attacking. so...i learned to grab him - by whatever he charged with. if he came kicking i grabbed his legs (then head or neck to save my arm). if he came beak first i grabbed him be the neck.with beak and feet immobilized, i tucked him under my arm like a football and carried him around the yard while tending the other chickens. the humiliation was too much - and the occassional thump on the head when he did get a chance to peck or pinch me. he eventually stopped the charges and gave me wide berth! i wonder if he remembers his manners with his new home. i think he went to pat.
a note about the mint - plant it around the coop entrance and hangouts where the chicken will alk or lay in it - it helps with parasites.

Cathy said...

Thanks. Yeah, I learned that same trick from a fellow poultry friend. Just carried the rooster around a bit when they got a little out of line. I did that with my Orpington roo just in case.
Thanks for the tip about the mint will put some in there with them.