Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Well I was going to put some of my sister and brother-in-law's pics up from thier yosemite trip, but alas couldn't figure out how to put them into a JPEG file. I often accidently figure out how to do those things and it just wasn't my day to fall upon it. They had some beautiful pictures. So, I haven't been putting any pics up lately cuz it's too darn hot to be outside let alone take pictures. Oh, well. I will try to get some this evening and put them up. It's not as hot this evening as it has been. Just been hanging out and I started cutting fabric out for my jean quilt. It should turn out to be a nice blanket for the winter. Very heavy and warm. Well, I will also update on some exciting news in October as well, until then I will try to get more pics up every week. Posted by Picasa

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