Friday, April 15, 2005

Sorry it's been so long. I've been moving my husband home from San Luis Obispo, CA. Plus being under the weather for the last couple of weeks has not helped, but I will have lots of pictures to post soon. I just can't believe my husband finally started his job and is here, it doesn't seem real yet. His stuff is not messy all over the place yet so it does not feel like he's lived here yet. I'm sure he'll start leaving stuff all over the place soon, then I'll really know he's finally here. Spring has finally sprung, but we did have a cold spell and that did not help. My tomatoes I planted got pelted by rain and whipped by the wind so I'm hoping some made it, but I'm not too sure. Well, I guess learning is living. So, here I go starting more tomatoes. Oh well, keeps me busy.  Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cathy, your place is looking good. I'll check back again soon. Hope you and everyone else is doing great!
Dave in Scotts Valley