Monday, August 16, 2004

Escrow closing on September 1, 2004 or So That is What We Are Planning On

Lots of planning of what to do first once we get settled with our stuff. It will be a little difficult to figure out what to do with stuff we need to put in a garage, because there is no garage. We will be putting in a work shop soon, but until then we will probably put all Roger's dirt bikes and gear and tools in his dad's garage, if that's alright with him. More excuses for Roger to see his dad more often : ) . . . . Since he only lives like 3 miles away. That will be so great.
So, first we will be putting in the dog pen since they are leaving a brand new roll of fencing (free stuff is good) and then a garden or honeybees, whatever takes less time and money to do. I'm hoping I can build my beehives myself, that will test my handiness for sure. Here is a good bee website I found today. I'm hoping the Penn Valley Fencing Company will figure out there virus on their website soon so I can check out what they have. I want to grow some flowers for next year for farmer's market, but that all depends on how soon we can till and fence in the garden area otherwise the deer will eat them all. They like treats like peoples flowers. Deer delicacy ya know. : D If I get some Angora goats in the next couple months I can just put them in the corral that is already fenced. We will see, they are a little expensive so will have to have money for those. Here is what an Angora goat looks like. This is a farm I want to go see when I'm looking to buy some Angora's. Really precious huh?
Here are the two organic seed companies I will be buying from. Our neighbors here in Grass Valley : D This one is in NM
Oh, and here is a really neat website for printing out your own seed packets. Really cute!


STAG said...

In one of my favorite books "five acres and independance", the author states that if you can make a hundred dollars by raising bees, you can make five hundred raising almost anything else.

Good luck...worst that can happen is that you get lots of comb honey and really nice alfalfa.

Cathy said...

Yeah, that is why I plan to have several things going on to make a little money here and there. I like having several different things to work on. Just having one would be too boring and too uncomplicated. :) Plus it gives me things to do in the summer and winter. Like quilting in the winter and maybe spinning fiber and knitting.